The ESCAPE project has ended in December 2019. The project has successfully prototyped and tested the ESCAPE GNSS Engine, or EGE, an innovative positioning engine leveraging Galileo signals and services to provide a core positioning component in autonomous vehicles.

Cars equipped with the EGE were showcased in two demonstrations at the Final Demo Event held in Compiègne, in France, at the end of November 2019. During the first demo on a Renault ZOE electric car, participants and journalists had a unique opportunity to get on board the vehicle and take a driverless ride on the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC) track. In the second demo, a second vehicle was driven on a public road in Compiègne to demonstrate the potential of the system in a peri-urban environment. Participants were able to watch a live video of the test broadcast via 4G with the estimated position obtained using the EGE along with RTK (a press kit can be downloaded from this website).

The latest information about the project can be found in the NEWS and in the RESOURCES sections.

The ESCAPE Project is funded by the European GNSS Agency (GSA) under the European Union’s Fundamental Elements research and development programme under grant agreement No.GSA/GRANT/02/2015

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