The Third Integration Week took place during the last week of June 2019 in collaboration with the UTC – Université de Technologie de Compiègne in northern France, near Paris.

Our team of engineers and researchers from FICOSA, GMV, Renault, and UTC, tested the final ESCAPE platform on the UTC track test in Compiegne. These final integration tests were fundamental to test the ESCAPE platform equipment, hardware and the software: all the gathered data will be used in the next months to refine our ESCAPE solution.

As happened in the previous Integration Weeks, our team used a full-electric Renault Zoe (see photo 1) as a test vehicle.

One of our test vehicles, a full electric Renault Zoe

During the First Integration Week in July 2018, FICOSA, GMV and Renault teams met with the UTC scientists at the UTC Innovation Center for a full suite of tests of the interfaces of the hardware and software prototypes of the ESCAPE GNSS Engine – EGE board mounted on our test vehicle. While in the Second Integration Week, in October 2018, the integration tests encompassed new releases of the algorithms and middleware software, as well as the use of a new camera model, the one used in the final platform.

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