On May the 14th, a presentation regarding ESCAPE will take place at the EuMCE 2019 in Prague. Giuseppe Avellone from STMicroelectronics will present some results coming from research activities carried on in the framework of our project: RF FE for multi-frequency/multi-constellation GNSS. The agenda can be found here.

As explained on the conference website, the European Microwave Association (EuMA) is launching the European Microwave Conference in Central Europe, with associated Workshops and an Exhibition. The first EuMCE will be held in Prague on 13-15 May 2019.
The session on EGNSS is organized in collaboration with the European GNSS Agency. It will provide an overview of the most significant technological fall-outs, with special focus on radio frequency and microwaves, induced by the European GNSS, Galileo. The session will underline how remarkable results have been achieved over the years, in the field of user receiver technologies and testing, through the Horizon 2020 R&D activities, such as the ESCAPE one, and dedicated user receiver developments.

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