On April 2017 the preliminary structure of the algorithms governing the ESCAPE Engine has been released. The ESCAPE GNSS Engine, also indicated as EGE, is the innovative system developed as part of the ESCAPE project to provide pose estimates with an integrity layer, tailored to Renault’s autonomous driving vehicle.

The preliminary algorithm structure, represented in the figure above, has defined:

  • the functional elements that make the core EGE algorithms;
  • how these algorithms interact with other external elements;
  • the content of the data flows exchanged between them;
  • the traceability of the user requirements onto the EGE elements.

In parallel, also the safety analysis of the algorithms has been elaborated, as these are critical components for the intelligent vehicles.

The preliminary algorithm architecture is the first of three intermediate steps bringing the project to the Preliminary Design Review; the incoming ones are:

  • the preliminary hardware architecture, and
  • the preliminary software architecture.
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