Maps, and in particular high-definition/3D maps, are one of the main pillars of the next generation autonomous driving’s systems. However, a new “map-free” approach is emerging. Bill Hurley, Tech Briefs’ Digital Editorial Manager, posted an interesting news about this approach in the following article, No Map Needed: ‘MapLite’ Sends Self-Driving Cars Off the Beaten Path. Here an extract:

“Most autonomous vehicles have been tested out in city environments, where tech companies like Google can build intricate 3D maps that lay out the exact position of every lane, curb, off-ramp, and street sign. But what about areas with less definable features, like country roads or a desert?

A “MapLite” framework, developed by director of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) Daniela Rus and graduate student Teddy Ort, allow self-driving cars to navigate roads – with just GPS and sensors as a guide. …”

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