March 12, 2018

One day after the conclusion of the 2018 Munich Satellite Summit (MSS), we reason about this inspiring workshop that gathered hundreds of attendees from EU and extra-EU countries to share experiences and debates perspectives about “GNSS – the key to autonomy?”. Indeed, this year the Summit focus changed from general GNSS to automotive and autonomous driving.

ESCAPE was presented by Mr. Luis Serrano (STMicroelectronics) in the Session “GNSS needs of autonomous cars and cyber-physical systems”.

“ESCAPE gathered a lot of interest,” Mr. Serrano reports, “because very openly we announced a real localization project using Cameras+HD-maps+GNSS PPP+Renault integration…With ESCAPE we have a chance to influence standards and concepts in localization, such as reliability and protection-levels.”

In Session 3 (Future of precise point positioning for autonomous systems), we assisted to “very interesting discussions about claims regarding GNSS PPP accuracy, convergence time, and other KPIs using automotive-grade chips.”

The global impression is that “competition is getting very stiff, there was a presenter that actually said Tesla might be leading the pack, however German auto-makers are leading the development of high accuracy GNSS, particularly using PPP correction services, where 80% of world’s development is based in Germany.”

Several starting points to animate further discussions, in a technological scenario evolving at an incredible pace!

Luis Serrano (STM) during his presentation at the MSS.

GMV’s magicPPP demo at the MSS

A slide from the Robert Bosch GmbH’s presentation at the MSS

A moment of the HERE’s presentation at the MSS

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