The Challenge

The need to provide accurate and reliable positioning information is clearly emerging for safety critical applications, for which it is deemed necessary to design a dedicated reliable and accurate engine natively targeted for the automotive safety-critical applications. ESCAPE’s final goal is to design a European GNSS integrated location system that works as an ‘engine’ for multiple safety-critical applications.

By 2019, the ESCAPE consortium will finish the development of this innovative positioning engine tailored to meet the safety requirements expressed by those road transport applications that will involve automation and have the potential to harm or damage people and goods. The progress from basic technology and prototyping targeted by ESCAPE is expected to yield a nearly operational product having TRL level 7.


The ESCAPE engine

The first mass-market GPS+Galileo chipset receiver with multi-frequency capability tailored for the automotive sector is the core of this innovative positioning device. ESCAPE’s engine will enable a high grade of data fusion and the exploitation of Galileo key technological differentiators. For the first time, the ESCAPE engine will provide a safety critical positioning system (providing integrity as the most relevant performance feature) integrating GNSS, On-board sensors, Camera and Maps.

The major innovations that will result from the project:

1) the design of a GNSS/Galileo multi-constellation/multi-frequency chipset for road applications;

2) Exploitation of the PPP service (also compatible with Galileo E6 service) to be used for road safety critical applications;

3) Potential use of the Galileo ionospheric modelling for single frequency PPP;

4) Tight hybridization of cameras, maps, vehicle sensors and GNSS;

5) Provision of an integrity layer to the above mentioned technology. The use of the “integrity layer” is crucial: in safety-critical application it is often said to be more important to know whether an information is reliable or not than the precise information itself.

6) Integration of all of the above in an engine close to commercialization.

The ESCAPE Project is funded by the European GNSS Agency (GSA) under the European Union’s Fundamental Elements research and development programme under grant agreement No.GSA/GRANT/02/2015

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