On October the 30th the whole ESCAPE consortium met at the GMV premises in Madrid, Spain, to complete the Critical Design Review – CDR and to discuss the status of the project. The meeting was intended to review all the design aspects of the ESCAPE GNSS Engine – EGE platform, to consequently identify the consolidated architecture and initiate the validation phase (the projects activities are described in the Status of the project page). The project’s partners discussed about the test campaign and the preliminary results. In fact, The Second Integration Week took place recently (15-19 October 2018) in France, hosted at the UTC – Université de Technologie de Compiègne‘s facilities. The integration tests encompassed new releases of the algorithms and middleware software, as well as the use of a new camera model, the one used in the final platform. Beyond the functional tests, the engineers completed the performance results obtained so far on a test vehicle. The tests are going on well and the first data shows that the EGE platform is performing as expected. The other hot topic of the day was the position location integrity for autonomous driving applications.


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