Today, December the 5th, Fiammetta Diani from the European GNSS Agency – GSA made a very interesting presentation about the Galileo Market Uptake, showing the most recent results in term of market penetration. ESCAPE was quoted as an example of EU/GSA funded project that is delivering a tangible result in the automotive sector. A photo of the presentation is available in the Tweet embedded above. Autonomous driving, integrity and high-precision positioning are among the hot topics of this year EU Space Week edition.

The European Space Week is a relevant conference dedicated to the European space programmes, aiming to connect business, policy-makers, international experts and space application user communities. It is taking place in Marseille, France, from 3 to 6 December 2018. Enrique Dominguez from GMV and Emmanuel Stawiarski from Renault represent ESCAPE at the round tables focused on Autonomous Driving applications. The agenda is available at this link.

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