The safety concerns about autonomous driving are growing as much as the number of autonomous cars prototypes on our streets. GPSWorld recently posted an interesting short article where three GNSS Experts (Paul Perrone,¬†Founder/CEO, Perrone Robotics; Paul Groves, Senior Lecturer, University College London; Zoltan Molnar, Functional Safety Manager, NovAtel) share their opinion on the topic “How can we make autonomous cars safe?”.

According to P. Perrone “Satellite-based and local beacon-based positioning technologies offer the best opportunity for reliable and precise location determination of an autonomous vehicle. …”.


On the other side, P. Groves says that “No matter how good it gets, positioning technology can never ensure the safety of autonomous car passengers and pedestrians. Knowing the position of each car is insufficient; …”


And Z. Molnar adds that “Absolute position provided by precise GNSS and inertial technology provides an independent reference for truth test of positioning solutions obtained with vision-based technologies. …”.

We believe that the ESCAPE GNSS Engine will prove to be a tangible and very credible answer to the proposed question.

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